10 August 2012

Not even sure how to begin this post – I think the title says it all.  I can’t say enough ‘thank you’s’ for the help we received to pull off the First Annual F2TF Benefit Dinner and Concert.  It was amazing…that’s all I can say!  I don’t have an exact count of how many attended, but I know there were well over 700 in attendance.  This could never have been accomplished if we didn’t have the help we did.  It is said that many hands make light work, and you proved this to be true for me.  So many generous souls in this world – don’t ever forget that.  When you watch the news and see that bad things happen in this world, think of a night like tonight, and remember that the good will always win!

As I watched the kids wearing F2TF shirts and coming early and asking ‘What can I do?  Where can I help?’ my heart was so full – this is one reason we wanted this night to happen.  Serving others helps us forget our own problems for a while and makes us focus on others.  These pictures say it all here:


Cute Morgan and Braden rockin' the slushies!


At your service!

Love these faces!


Tyler's B-ball Buddies!

'Kiss the Cooks!'

Dana on Drink Duty!

We had an awesome dinner (Thanks McDonalds!) and an awesome concert that night!  I don’t think the entertainment could have gotten any better – from Nate Davis of Lokalgrown, and Michael Dowdle, Marvin Goldstein, and Jason Hewlett!  Who gets that in one evening??!!! I hope all those who were able to come enjoyed every second of it.  I felt like I laughed hard, cried hard, and felt comforted all in one night!


Nate from Lokalgrown serenading the crowd!

Brooke Walker from Studio 5 - my new friend!

The amazing guitarist Michael Dowdle!

Pianist extraordinaire - Marvin Goldstein!

...and the hilarious Jason Hewlett! Diana Ross... Stevie Wonder... Elton John... Robert Plant... 'child-friendly' Lady Ga Ga!

...and finally, as the 'Raptor'! (Ty's favorite!)

After the amazing entertainment, we were able to present the Giving Trees to two outstanding people, Brielle, who has been diagnosed with CML, a chronic leukemia, for which there is no cure.  And, to Chad, one of Tyler’s favorite ‘uncles’, who was diagnosed only a few weeks after his funeral.  The cancer world is a small one, and I dare say there aren’t many who haven’t had someone they love be touched by this devastating disease.  I am grateful to help in a small way to bring a little hope and a smile to a few who are staring this disease in the face right now.  And you helped make this possible!

Sweet Brielle and her family

Chad's wife, Wendi and their boys

Sara Larsen singing 'Find a Grove'

And to end the night, sweet Maddie, whom I love with all my heart for her courage and spirit, released a balloon in honor of each of the Giving Tree kids who cancer has taken from us this past year.  It was a very emotional moment for all.  I loved how reverent the amphitheater became and how I could feel those kids close.  People left the place quietly and thoughtfully, and I think the emotion of the evening was that of love.  Thank you for helping make this night a great success…we were able to raise $12,000 – that’s 24 Giving Trees we will be able to give in the next year, until we have another event!  We would love to utilize the youth in taking these trees around – so if you would like to be involved in helping to make and deliver these trees, please contact me!  It’s a special experience to be part of!

My hero getting ready to release the balloons

When you dig another out of their troubles, you find a place to bury your own.  ~Author Unknown



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