When you wish upon a star…..

6 September 2011

Tyler had some special visitors come to his golf tournament last Thursday…… The Make A Wish Foundation! Tyler got to make a wish a few months ago and wished for a family vacation to Disney World. Well guess what? His wish was granted and we will be off to Disney World next month!

Tyler’s coach gave a very touching speech that night about him and even dedicated that day’s tournament to Ty. The golf team has even taken on the F2TF motto.  Tyler has some amazing teammates, including his brother Tanner, that take very good care of him and love him just as much as we do.

Also….. check out this article about Ty that was in the Standard Examiner on Sunday! Pretty cool 🙂 http://www.standard.net/stories/2011/09/03/14-year-old-high-school-golfer-facing-stage-iv-cancer#.TmOW2uvGUC4.facebook


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