Weekend update!

30 May 2011

We couldn’t have asked for a better weekend! I guess the weather could have been nicer…. It certainly doesn’t feel like almost June! Can you believe all of this rain?

Tyler has been feeling great! It has felt almost “normal” around the house. On Friday, Ty really started to perk up. He was finally eating! A HUGE relief! I think he may have informed everyone on Facebook that he weighed 74 lbs…. He is now at 79. Our uncle said it best- 79 lbs of pure fighting machine!!! He is still the toughest kid we know!

Tyler went to the Oncologist on Thursday for a check up and to test his blood counts. Everything was great! The Doctor told him that while he was feeling good and his counts were so high, he could go out and do basically anything he wants. He has to be very careful about sanitizing and washing his hands. If he were to get sick, it could be from germs on his own body or from something he touched. Tyler took the doctors advice to heart and went to a movie the following day with a big group of friends. Everyone was so worried about him but he assured us that he was fine and was “having SO much fun!!!”

On Saturday, our family had a picnic in the park. It has become somewhat of a tradition seeing as how we went 4 times last week! Tyler craves KFC everyday so that is what we all eat!

Yesterday was by far the best day our family has had since finding out Tyler has cancer. Tyler was back to his normal and funny self. He was eating, smiling, telling jokes, and making fun of our dad. For a brief moment, I forgot that Ty was sick. It was so nice to escape for a minute and forget about everything that has happened in the past 2 weeks.

Ty’s basketball team also came over yesterday. Ty was so excited to see them. They brought over the trophy they won in their tournament. Congrats boys!

Thank you to everyone who helped Ty have a great weekend. Seeing his friends is truly the best medicine we could ask for. We thank you for your continued prayers and support! Our lives have been changed forever because of the kindness that people have shown to Tyler and our family.  We know that Heavenly Father hears our prayers for we have truly felt his presence in our lives.


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