We Need Your Prayers…

12 July 2011

We headed back up to Primary Children’s Hospital on Monday to begin round three of chemotherapy.  As always, they did a hearing and a heart test on Tyler before they started the chemo.  The heart test turned out great – we always knew that Tyler had an amazing heart, and once again, the test showed that to be true!  We weren’t so lucky on the hearing test.  One of the side-effect of the Cisplatin, one of the chemo drugs they are using, is hearing loss.  Tyler’s test showed a significant change in his hearing from the beginning of treatment to now.  He has lost the upper end of his high frequency hearing, due to the chemotherapy.  This was a bit of a blow to all of us, but mostly to Tyler.  When the doctors came in to discuss the test results, they decided to only administer the Cisplatin at 50% strength this round.  We spoke about it, then they left and the orders went out to mix the chemo at half-strength.  I could tell immediately that something was truly bothering Tyler.  When I talked with him about it, he was not happy about changing the dosage on this.  His feeling was that at a lesser dosage, it would not be enough to shrink the tumors.  I went out to get our regular doctor back into the room before they got started.  When he got there, he was quite frank with Tyler about what continuing the same dosage would do to his hearing, but ultimately, the choice was up to Tyler.  Tyler chose to go with the higher dosage of Cisplatin, knowing full-well what the risks are to his hearing.

 They completed the full-dosage Cisplatin drip at 3:00 Tuesday morning.  We are asking all those that know and love Tyler, (and all those that don’t but read these posts!) to petition the Lord to spare his hearing.  I wrote in an earlier post about being more specific in my prayers.  I firmly believe that Heavenly Father is standing ready to answer our prayers, however small and specific they are.  We are asking many things in our prayers – for the tumors to shrink, for Tyler to have an appetite, and this round, for his hearing to be spared from any further damage.  When you pray for Tyler, please ask Heavenly Father for this.  We know he is ready to grant a miracle, if we ask, have faith, and believe.  We are forever grateful for your prayers, and know that with an army of them like we have had, we can watch a miracle unfold!  Thank you for all you do – both seen and unseen for our amazing son!


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