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   As our family relaxes up in beautiful Island Park for the Thanksgiving weekend, I am filled with gratitude for the beautiful surroundings we are so blessed to enjoy up here.  There is enough snow to enjoy some great snowmobiling, the mountains are covered and look amazing, and our family is here together and enjoying a warm, inviting cabin and each other’s company. 

   I have thought a lot about gratitude during this week.  Our family has SO much to be grateful for.  We have been blessed with so much our whole lives, not even including the many blessings we have been given the last six months.  I have a family that has fulfilled so much in my life.  Each member of my family fills a spot in my heart that cannot be replaced any other way.  As I watch the kids interact up here, I am so grateful for each of their individual personalities and amazed at how they are so different yet as a family, together we are complete. 

   I know that I do not express my gratitude nearly enough – not to my family, my friends, and especially to my Heavenly Father.  About a year ago, we had a lesson on gratitude in Relief Society and a sweet friend made a comment about it that has stuck with me ever since.  As I remember it, she said that a general authority had visited someone’s home and had prayed with their family.  Their family had just experienced a death of a loved one, and hoped that he would ask for special blessings to help them get through this difficult time.  Instead, he challenged them to fill their prayers with thanks, not asking for anything, but instead expressing their gratitude for all of their opportunities they were given in this lifetime.  I just remember her talking about that prayer and how we can thank Heavenly Father for the opportunity to know the plan of salvation, the opportunity to have known this loved one, the opportunity to be able to ask for blessings of comfort, peace, and healing, etc.  I was especially touched by this comment.  I tried that night to change my prayers to prayers of gratitude, thanking Him for blessings and not asking for anything.  It was amazing how my attitude and thinking changed into how I could be thankful for things that I usually was asking for – like being grateful that I had a missionary and that he could serve Him and be watched over as all the missionaries were – that I had a family that I was so blessed to feel promptings in their behalf – etc.  It totally changed my thinking about how I prayed.  I try to remember to pray a few times a week and not ask for anything, just remember everything I am grateful for.  This was part of a conference address years ago on gratitude:

Luke chapter 17 records the experience of the Savior when He healed 10 lepers. Remember that only one of the cleansed lepers returned to express his appreciation. Isn’t it interesting that the Lord did not say, “Your gratitude has made you whole”? Instead, He said, “Thy faith hath made thee whole.”

The leper’s expression of gratitude was recognized by the Savior as an expression of his faith. As we pray and express gratitude to a loving but unseen Heavenly Father, we are also expressing our faith in Him. Gratitude is our sweet acknowledgment of the Lord’s hand in our lives; it is an expression of our faith.

   So I will try to express my ‘faith’ to my Heavenly father more often, instead of my constant begging for blessings.  I realize I do have so much to be grateful for.  The last few months have been so much better than medical professionals predicted it would be.  Our family has been able to snowmobile together here and Ty is at the head of the pack – certainly not what was predicted for him a few months ago.  We realize we have had blessings poured over our family and hope Heavenly Father knows how grateful we all are to Him for this.  I am especially grateful to all the youth in our community and in Tyler’s circle of friends who remember him in their prayers.  When I hear from mothers that they see their children on their knees in their rooms and know why they are praying, my heart is truly filled with gratitude for these sweet kids.  I hope they all realize that their faith and prayers are keeping Ty healthy, happy, and filled with hope for the future.  Thank you!

The Griswold, I mean, The Smith family Christmas Tree Outing


   We have been able to have some amazing experiences through the trial we are going through.  I wouldn’t choose to have this, not for one minute, but am SO grateful for people and organizations who have given so much so that our family and so many others can get out and enjoy activities that they otherwise would never have the opportunity to be involved in!  The Make-A-Wish Foundation has been one such example.  Not only did they give our family a complete trip of a lifetime, but they call us occasionally with opportunities that have been so fun!

   Last week, they called and asked if Tyler, Tanner, Darren and I would be interested in going to a charity basketball game at SLCC with the Jazz Players, Jimmer Fredette, and some other various NBA players.  Hmmmm…Let me think about it…Tyler loves basketball more than just about anything…that would be a ‘Yes!’.   We, along with three other ‘Wish Kids’ were able to go early to a ‘meet and greet’ session with the basketball players and a few other ‘local celebrities’.  Tyler LOVES Jimmer Fredette, and if he had been the only one there, it would have been totally worth it, but he was able to meet, shake hands with, and get pictures with all these amazing basketball players.  I have to put my plug in for Jimmer now…just saying.  He has been so kind already through this cancer journey to send Tyler a signed ball, a card, and even go so far as to wear Tyler’s F2TF shirt and take a picture with it on, so we are huge fans!  He spent a good amount of time just talking to Tyler and Tanner, posing for pictures, and just being the all-around great guy he his…really a class-act.   

Tyler & Jimmer!

Mrs. Utah, Miss Utah, and Miss Utah's Teen! - Wow!

 After the meet and greet, we had great half-court seats and were able to watch the game – Utah against ‘everybody else’.  Amazing talent these boys have…they can dunk, shoot, dribble and do just about anything they want with a basketball.  So, so sad that they cannot work out the season this year.  Tyler was really looking forward to watching Jimmer take the Kings places they hadn’t gone before! 

   My favorite part of the night was just watching Ty and Tanner’s faces each time a player would do something outrageous…their eyes got big and smiles covered their faces.  No thoughts of cancer or sickness anywhere that night.  I kept nudging the photographer to get a picture of Tyler’s face, not with a basketball star, but just watching with that big smile on his face.  That’s priceless. 

I love these faces!

   Each of these kids has had something pretty devastating to face this last year.  Each of them seems to be rising above the challenge and finding the good in life, despite the hard.  We all would do well to watch and take note of these amazing kids and how they have handled the challenges they have faced.  They are all my heroes.

Tyler, Kambri, Caleb, and Brody - our heroes!

Happy Kids! Thanks Guys!


Thanks once again, Make A Wish, for helping us to forget life for awhile and enjoy a great night!

Another Memorable Day!

   I wrote in an earlier (June) post about sweet Dylan Shaw, who raised money selling lemonade to buy Tyler a money tree, complete with tied up bills and restaurant gift cards.  We were so touched by this act of kindness that Tyler passed a few trees on to other cancer patients.  Brandon Winger, another sweet 12-year-old fighting a rare and serious cancer then passed the tree on to Maddie Cook, a beautiful 15-year-old who is fighting osteosarcoma, another wicked cancer (aren’t they all wicked?)  Dylan lost his battle to a brain tumor in July…we all miss him and love him.

   Elder Jeffrey R. Holland heard about this ‘giving tree’, and invited these kids and their mothers to come down and have a visit with him in his office last Wednesday.  What an honor!  We all dressed up in our Sunday best and headed down to the Church Administrative Offices.  When we went into Elder Holland’s office, it was like going in to visit our long lost grandpa – hugs and smiles and feeling like we had known him always!  He is as about as down-to-earth as anyone I’ve ever known.  He reminded me a lot of my own dad.  He was funny and gentle with these kids. 

   As we sat and visited with him, he spoke so tenderly and candidly about what the kids are going through.  He spoke about life being a three-act play – with the first act being our pre-earth life, the second act our lives here on earth, and the third act our life after this life on earth.  He reminded us that in any great play there are three acts, the first setting the story, the second, with confusion and turmoil, and the third a complete resolution and ‘happily ever after’, so to speak.  He told us all that the third act will be so much better than this second act, there is nothing to fear, only to look forward to.

   He also talked to the kids about not ‘jumping ship’.  When life gets stormy, the worst thing a sailor could do would be to bail out of his boat.  The safest place to be in stormy seas is inside the boat, with the oars pulled over us and our life jackets on tight!  He reminded them to cling to what they DO know, that being that their Savior knows them and loves them.  He also said, “The safest place for a boat is in the harbor, but that’s not what they’re made for”.  I loved that.  We are all meant to sail the stormy seas at some point in our life.  Even though it’s safe, quiet and comfortable in our ‘harbors’, that’s not where we will do any growing or refining. 

   The thing that I think made the biggest impact on the kids was when he told them that the next morning, he and “fourteen of the finest men I’ve ever known” will be in the temple tomorrow and they would pray for these kids by name…how humbling is that?  Tyler and I went to lunch Thursday afternoon, and he reminded me that the prophet prayed for him that morning.  I have no doubt that prayers for these sweet kids are being heard and answered by a loving Heavenly Father.  We have been given so many tender mercies through this, they are too hard to count anymore.  Life is still good!

Brandon, Tyler, Dawson (Dylan's big brother) and Maddie with Elder Holland

   After we left Elder Holland’s office, Brandon, Tyler and Maddie stopped for a picture with the temple in the background.  Maddie got an awesome camera from the Make A Wish foundation and is learning to be quite the photographer…Look how angelic these kids look.  Aren’t we lucky parents?

Brandon, Maddie, and Tyler - our heroes!

   I was reading some talks by Elder Holland after we got home, and found the perfect quote by him that these kids live by and I am going to strive to live by from now on.  You’ll love this:

“Speak hopefully. Speak encouragingly, including about yourself. Try not to complain and moan incessantly. As someone once said, ‘Even in the golden age of civilization someone undoubtedly grumbled that everything looked too yellow.’ I have often thought that Nephi’s being bound with cords and beaten by rods must have been more tolerable to him than listening to Laman and Lemuel’s constant murmuring (See 1 Nephi 3:28–31; 18:11–15). Surely he must have said at least once, ‘Hit me one more time. I can still hear you.’ Yes, life has its problems, and yes, there are negative things to face, but please accept one of Elder Holland’s maxims for living—no misfortune is so bad that whining about it won’t make it worse.”

Let The Memories Begin!

The Happiest Place on Earth!

   It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, so this post will be pictures talking mostly, but I just wanted to let you know we had the time of our life in Orlando, Florida.  Thank you, thank you to the Make A Wish Foundation and the Give the Kids the World Village for making our family’s dreams come true.  Tyler ran us all ragged in the theme parks and DID NOT GET SICK ONCE.  If that is not an answer to prayers, I don’t know what is.  Thank you for all those who prayed for his well-being on the trip.  Your prayers were heard and answered. 

   If I had a million dollars, I would make sure those two charities got a fair share.  All you could see in the ‘Wish Village’ were smiling children…it was awesome.  A place to go and forget your troubles for a time.  Thanks to the many volunteers who work tirelessly to help families make memories that will last a lifetime.  We are forever in your debt. 

Disney Theme Parks - Here We Come!

How'd they do that?

Are we great actors or what?


Someone actually asked us if our last name was 'Livestrong'...

The plan was for thumbs up from all...I couldn't manage to let go...

And my favorite picture of all…

Such a metaphor for our lives!

   All of us hanging on for dear life, eyes closed, scared to death…and Tyler, happy and loving life – isn’t that how our life is going right now?

Bloom Where You’re Planted

   I haven’t posted any pictures or anything about our amazing trip to Disneyworld because I am waiting for a disc to come from Disneyworld that has a bunch of photos taken of the whole family.  I will post that as soon as the disc comes.  In the meantime, we had an experience this weekend that I wanted to share… 

   Darren’s best friend from high school is a bishop in a Kaysville ward.  He called while we were in Florida and asked if Tyler would be willing to speak to the youth in his ward on Sunday.  Now, if you’re the parent of a 14-yr-old boy, you know what the typical reaction would be, and let me assure you, Tyler is a typical 14-yr-old.  I watched him for days wrestle with his fear and dislike of speaking, and the reality of doing what he knew the Lord wanted him to do.  I felt so bad for putting him in this position, yet knew this is part of the growing and refining process of life.  So finally Sunday came and I could feel his anxiety from the minute he woke up.  We headed to Kaysville and got to the church.  He was not feeling well, and I could tell his emotions were pretty close to the surface.  Stacey, our dear friend, and the bishop had us go into his office to say and prayer to calm all of us.  It was then that he asked if Darren wanted to go first or last on the program.  “What?”  Darren had carefully omitted that part of the program to me.  I had no idea he was speaking too.  Darren doesn’t talk about this much to anyone, let alone to a whole congregation of people.  My emotions boiled over now and so had Tyler’s. 

    When the program started, we weren’t sure if Tyler was still going to be able to go through with it, so Darren spoke first and gave a beautiful talk about having hope in Christ.  It was extremely emotional for me to hear him talk about our ordeal and his faith in Jesus Christ.  Then, before we knew it, Tyler went up the stairs and began his talk.  He was emotional through it, but was able to get through it and did an amazing job.  I knew it was probably one of the hardest things he has done through this journey…not only reliving what he has gone through, but speaking to a chapel full of teenage kids.   

    I am so proud that he has chosen to put some of his fears aside and do what the Lord has put in his path to accomplish.  If he could have touched one teenager yesterday and helped them to put their faith in the Savior, it was all worth it.  He is truly learning to ‘bloom where he is planted’ – to make the best of a situation that doesn’t feel ideal to any of us. 

    To preface this poem, I have to tell you that I have an amazing family – and a large one at that!  I have been blessed with ‘goodly parents’ and amazing brothers and sisters, in-laws, nieces and nephews, and everyone else in between!  I have these nieces and nephews who, although they are 20-30 years younger than me, have these valiant, wise spirits that are so far above me, it’s incredible.  My sweet niece Kiera shared this beautiful poem she wrote and I knew it completely described Tyler and the way he has been able to ‘bloom where he has been planted’.   

The Sunflower

Said the seed to the gardener, “Must you plant me right here?
The soil is rough and the grass is too near.
Over yonder the lily has got a nice spot,
Where the water is fresh and the sun not too hot.
Or plant me – oh please! – in the willow’s nice shade
Where the daffodils are in such beauty displayed;
Not here where the ground is so barren and wild.
Put me in someplace more tranquil and mild!”

But the gardener was wise, for he knew the whole plan.
Said the seed, “I can’t grow here!” He said, “Yes, you can.
Each flower in my garden I watch, and I know
That here in this spot is your best place to grow.
The ground might be harder, the sun more severe,
But you, if you choose, can bloom beautifully here.
Be patient and trusting and soon you will see
How lovely this corner of garden will be.”

The days passed by slowly, filled with hard work and toil,
Pushing up to the sky and down into the soil.
Through the heat from the sun and the floods from the rain,
Seed and gardener both strove for more fertile terrain.
‘Til one day the gardener approached with a smile;
“Look up,” he said, “and around you awhile.”

The seed turned with ease, surprised at his power,
And saw that he’d grown to a glorious sunflower!
His place in the corner was a sight to behold –
Towers of green with their crowns of bright gold.
Now he could see the whole garden complete,
From the willow o’erhead to the grass at his feet,
And he learned from the soil he’d taken for granted
To trust in the Gardener, and bloom where you’re planted.

~Kiera Bennion, July 2010

  Amazing, talented family I have, huh?  I love you, Kiera – thanks for lifting my spirits with this poem.  I hope it brings joy to all who read it and choose to do the same with their lives.  Thanks to all who continue to pray for a miracle for Tyler.  We see miracles everyday…

Sunday in Florida!

Heavenly Father, Are You Really There?


   Today is Tyler’s 15th birthday.  It has also been five months today that he was diagnosed with cancer.  Wow…on one hand it feels like yesterday that I was standing in McKay-Dee Hospital being told his abdomen was full of cancer – on the other hand, it feels like we’ve been on this journey forever.  I feel stuck in a time warp.  I wonder if there will ever be a normal ‘normal’ again. 

  I have thought a lot about prayer lately and its power in our family’s life right now.  I have never known our prayers, both collectively as a family and individually to be more fervent or heart-felt.  I always thought I was okay at saying my prayers, but I have learned that my prayers were very guilty of the ‘vain repetitions’ spoken of in the scriptures.  It’s so true that when life is going along well, we tend to (at least I do) lose that connection with our Father in Heaven that is so needed.  I hope I never get in that rut again.  I have never prayed with such sincerity and purpose in my whole life.

   I learned as a child myself, and I have taught my children that Heavenly Father hears and answers prayers.  When I was small, this probably meant finding a lost dollar, a ring, or a tangible thing like that.  I prayed for help on schoolwork, and to do well in competitions that I was in.  I always felt my prayers were answered and I found what I was looking for, or did well on a test.  I never remember pleading with Heavenly Father for something I so desperately wanted or needed until now.  I also have had to examine what the meaning of ‘answering our prayers’ is all over again.  This isn’t one of those prayers where I’ll suddenly remember to look in the bottom drawer and my ring will be there… I am learning to ask ‘not my will, but thine’ and it’s not a comfortable place for me to be at yet.  The Bible dictionary defines prayer as “…the act by which the will of the Father and the will of the child are brought into correspondence with each other.  The object of prayer is not to change the will of God, but to secure for ourselves and for others blessing that God is already willing to grant, but that are made conditional on our asking for them.”

    Ouch…’not my will, but thine’..that phrase again.  It is so much harder than I thought to say that and really mean it.  Elder Richard L. Evans wrote, “It is not the usual purpose of prayer to serve us like Aladdin’s lamp, to bring us ease without effort.  Prayer is not a matter of asking only.  It should not be always as the beggar’s upturned hand.  Often the purpose of prayer is to give us strength to do what needs to be done, wisdom to see the way to solve our problems, and ability to do our best in our tasks.”

   So I will continue to pray for strength to be able to do what He knows is best for me – not really what I wanted, but what I know He knows I need.  And I will continue to ask “Not my will, but Thine” and know that the more I pray and feel that, the more my will and His will be brought into alignment.  I am grateful that I have prayer to bring me comfort and peace at all.  Abraham Lincoln wrote, “I have been driven many times to my knees by the overwhelming conviction that I had nowhere else to go.”  I know the feeling…

   I hope you can hear this song I tried to download. Click here 03 He’s My Son  I’m not too computer savvy, so hopefully it will work for you.  It is a Father’s prayer for his son and it is absolutely beautiful.  I couldn’t listen to it for a month without completely breaking down – now it brings me so much peace.  I hope it does the same for you, whatever it is you are going through.

This is ‘Mom Payback’ Week!

   What an amazing week we have had!  Last Wednesday, Elder Smith returned home from the Houston, Texas Spanish-speaking Mission!  When we saw him riding down the escalator at the airport, my heart felt complete again…it has had a piece or two missing from it since the day he left and since Tyler was diagnosed.  Just to have us all together there at the airport was heavenly.  Taylor had never met little Caleb – he was born a week before Taylor left in 2009, but was sick and in NICU, so they would never let Taylor in to meet him, or even see him.  We’ve been doing our best to train Caleb to know Taylor, but when Taylor took him at the airport, it didn’t work quite as well as planned.  Luckily, within two days, and a bunch of toy cars and play time – Caleb and Taylor have become good buddies!

    We went to dinner at Café Rio, one of Taylor’s favorites before his mission, and he ordered our meals in Spanish-fun to hear him speak another language so well!  When we got home and settled for the night, the best part of all was to kneel down as a family and have Taylor offer our family prayer…what a sweet experience to hear him give such a heart-felt prayer for our family.  Big ‘Mom payback’.

   We had Taylor’s mission report in Sacrament Meeting on Sunday and the place was packed!  I am SO grateful for such a wonderful family and so many wonderful friends who love and support us!  Taylor did an AMAZING job on his talk and gave such a powerful testimony.  I saw his outline before the meeting, and I have to admit, I was worried.  I think there were ten lines written on it.  Before his mission that would have taken him 30 seconds to get through.  He gave a completely eloquent talk on service and charity and how the ultimate act of charity was the Atonement.  Wow…another ‘Mom payback’.

   I am so happy to have him home and so grateful for his choice to serve a mission.  Our family was so blessed while he was serving…we are so blessed to have him home too.  He has grown from a boy to a man in two short years and we are so proud of him!  Now it’s just up to me to decide how to let him grow up.  I still want him to have a 10:00 curfew and drive around in the car with me…is that asking too much?!?  I think sometimes he is already ready to head back to Houston for some space!

   Thanks to all those who came to support him, and to those who helped with the lunch afterward.  I had a houseful and could have never have fed them if not for all the help.  Thank you so much!!  Now, on to our next adventure…Disneyworld in three weeks!!

Do You Know Who These Men Are?

   Okay, all you 40-something year olds and older….do you know who these two men are?  Tyler was invited to Soldier Hollow last week to a dinner/fundraiser up there.  The keynote speakers were…Johnny Miller and Billy Casper.  When I told Tyler all about it, he said, “Who’s that?”  Wow, I didn’t even like golf back then, and I know who they are.  I feel old.  Johnny Miller and Billy Casper were amazing golfers back in the seventies and eighties – right up there with Jack and Arnold.  In fact, I believe Johnny Miller beat Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player and Lee Trevino in the U.S. Open in 1973.  So, you get the picture – great golfers!

     Anyway, Tyler was the guest of honor at this banquet – pretty cool!  Darren was out of town and I felt like it would mean more to Coach Jenkins, who has been so great with Tyler, so I sent them up there to the dinner.  They had hors d’oeuvres, prime rib and salmon for dinner – pretty swanky.  While Billy Casper was speaking, he called Tyler up to the front of the room with him and had him give a short little speech on “F2TF – Fight to the Finish” and what it meant to him, both in golf, and in life.  I’m told Tyler gave a great little speech – maybe the beginning of a new career for him!  Billy Casper was so touched, he was crying and kissed Tyler right on the top of his little bald head! 

   The boys sat at the table with Ron Boone and compared bald heads – I think Tyler finally has more hair than him!  They got to rub shoulders all night with famous people and had a wonderful time!  Thanks Coach Jenkins for taking them up there and taking such good care of them! 

   Ty continues to feel pretty good.  He still has his days of nausea and sickness, but it doesn’t last too long and he’s back ready to go.  He’s back to school for a half-day – he is taking online classes in the afternoon. 

   We are looking forward to this week where Taylor comes home from his mission and our family can be together again.  I have been waiting for this day for a long time!  This is going to be a great week!

Scan results

   Tyler had his third scan on Thursday, September 1st.  Instead of waiting there in the hospital to find out the results, we decided to high-tail it home and head up to Island Park for the Labor Day weekend and find out the results when we got home.  If you read the last post, you can see that it was a great decision for us.  We had a great time and honestly, didn’t even worry about what the scan might show.

   Dr. Barnette (Tyler’s oncologist) called on Tuesday morning and let us know that the scans were virtually exactly the same as the scan the first of July.  The tumors had not shrunk, but they had not grown or spread either.  While we would have loved hearing that the tumors had disappeared, hearing that they had not grown or spread was good news to us.  The recommendation of the doctor was that we discontinue chemotherapy and scan again in late November.  He will keep taking the Sorafenib, a pill shown to stop the progression of liver cancer, twice a day. 

   We will now work to strengthen Tyler’s immune system and get him back into ‘fighting shape’ again.  He feels quite well and is ready for some hair again!  He is growing little fuzz on his head now and his eyebrows and eyelashes, which stayed in until the last week of the last round, are now starting to grow little fuzzy patches again.  He is happy about this!  He had the most beautiful, long eyelashes and we were a little sad to see them stay so long through the therapy, only to fall out after almost four months!

   Thank you so much for your continued prayers for Tyler!  We know that ‘stable disease’, which is what they call the stage he is in now, is better than to have it spreading…his scans have really not changed since the night of his diagnosis.  Who knows how long the cancer was in this exact state before it was discovered?  If only there were a crystal ball to tell us the future…but since there is not, we will once again, rely on hope and faith.  We feel hope for great things to come!

   Okay, quote time.  I told a friend this week I’m starting to sound like Stuart Smalley from SNL back in the eighties.  I have quotes all over the house and I read them all the time…”I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and dog- gonnit, people like me!” … If you don’t get it, you’re too young! (or you did more important things with your life than watch SNL)

   A dear friend from Reno sent me this quote this past week on having strength to face whatever comes our way:

“Anyone can give up.  It’s the easiest thing in the world to do.  But to hold it together when everyone else would understand if you fell apart…that’s true strength.”     ~Zig Ziglar

  I truly don’t know of anyone with more strength than Tyler.  I am constantly in awe of his physical, mental, and spiritual strength.   We all have challenges, in one form or another.  We don’t have to look too far to see someone who has it harder than we do.  The key is to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and keep going forward, trying to find out what it is we’re supposed to learn from it, then truly learn from it, and keep forging on.  It’s all about the journey….

This is what hope looks like….

Labor Day weekend fun!

We spent Labor Day weekend up in Island Park this year! We don’t normally go up to the cabin during Labor Day because of little league football. But… since nobody is coaching or playing this year, we decided to pack our bags and head North! And let me tell you, it was one of the funnest weekends we have had in a long time! Here’s the proof:

Taking the rhino for a spin!

We had the privilege of competing in the annual Erikson “Labor Day Cup”. This was our team photo. And this…….

was Tyler’s outfit of choice for the  tournament…. He is so funny!

The Labor Day Cup consisted of multiple “Minute to Win it”  type of games, a volleyball tournament, and an egg toss. Tyler told us that if we lost any of the challenges we were officially kicked off the team and uninvited to Disney World. It was pretty intense!

cute Jace 🙂

And the egg toss….. Look at Tyler threatening Erika about dropping it! 

Several people commented about how suprised they were that Tyler had so much energy and they would never know Ty was sick. It’s true…. Ty is still the loudest and most energetic kid despite his health issues. It was good for everyone to see how normal and active he is! Tyler was able to do just about anything he wanted at the cabin- he rode 4 wheelers, wave runners, went boating, and played just as hard or harder than the rest of us!

We hope everyone had a wonderful and happy holiday weekend!

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