This is ‘Mom Payback’ Week!

27 September 2011

   What an amazing week we have had!  Last Wednesday, Elder Smith returned home from the Houston, Texas Spanish-speaking Mission!  When we saw him riding down the escalator at the airport, my heart felt complete again…it has had a piece or two missing from it since the day he left and since Tyler was diagnosed.  Just to have us all together there at the airport was heavenly.  Taylor had never met little Caleb – he was born a week before Taylor left in 2009, but was sick and in NICU, so they would never let Taylor in to meet him, or even see him.  We’ve been doing our best to train Caleb to know Taylor, but when Taylor took him at the airport, it didn’t work quite as well as planned.  Luckily, within two days, and a bunch of toy cars and play time – Caleb and Taylor have become good buddies!

    We went to dinner at Café Rio, one of Taylor’s favorites before his mission, and he ordered our meals in Spanish-fun to hear him speak another language so well!  When we got home and settled for the night, the best part of all was to kneel down as a family and have Taylor offer our family prayer…what a sweet experience to hear him give such a heart-felt prayer for our family.  Big ‘Mom payback’.

   We had Taylor’s mission report in Sacrament Meeting on Sunday and the place was packed!  I am SO grateful for such a wonderful family and so many wonderful friends who love and support us!  Taylor did an AMAZING job on his talk and gave such a powerful testimony.  I saw his outline before the meeting, and I have to admit, I was worried.  I think there were ten lines written on it.  Before his mission that would have taken him 30 seconds to get through.  He gave a completely eloquent talk on service and charity and how the ultimate act of charity was the Atonement.  Wow…another ‘Mom payback’.

   I am so happy to have him home and so grateful for his choice to serve a mission.  Our family was so blessed while he was serving…we are so blessed to have him home too.  He has grown from a boy to a man in two short years and we are so proud of him!  Now it’s just up to me to decide how to let him grow up.  I still want him to have a 10:00 curfew and drive around in the car with me…is that asking too much?!?  I think sometimes he is already ready to head back to Houston for some space!

   Thanks to all those who came to support him, and to those who helped with the lunch afterward.  I had a houseful and could have never have fed them if not for all the help.  Thank you so much!!  Now, on to our next adventure…Disneyworld in three weeks!!


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