The Trip of a Lifetime!

3 August 2011

   It’s been quite a while since I have posted and I apologize.  It’s been a busy few weeks and we have enjoyed the last week while Tyler’s counts are rebounding and he’s been able to go back out and enjoy life.

   And, speaking of life, he had a great one last weekend, thanks to the generosity of dear friends.  At the fundraiser, Shane Baldwin donated a golf trip to a course he owns in Flagstaff, Arizona, including a private flight down there and accommodations at an amazing golf course, The Pine Canyon Golf Resort.  Erika’s father-in law, Mike Kusuda purchased the trip and we were so excited that he and his family would be able to go on a trip like this.  Mike, being the kind, generous person that he has always been, invited Tyler, Darren, and Tanner to go with him and his boys on the golf ‘trip of a lifetime’.  I cannot explain what kind of excitement just the invitation generated at our house!

   Just to preface the trip, Tyler had been invited by Primary Children’s Medical to participate in a putting tournament at the Homestead Resort the morning before the trip.  Smith’s Food and Drug puts on a huge fundraiser and invites a few patients to come putt with their executives.  When Tyler woke up Friday morning, once again, he was pretty sick.  We headed up to Midway anyway, and by the time Tyler got there, the nausea had really gotten a hold of him and we didn’t think there was any way that he would be able to go out there and golf.  It was a really hot day and between the nausea and the heat, he would really be a mess.  Once again, he rose to the occasion and putted like a champion!  He and his partner took second place in the tournament.  We hurried home and knew the boys were supposed to board the planes at five that evening.  He still was struggling with pretty extreme nausea and Darren was ready to back out of the trip and postpone.  Tyler wouldn’t have any of it – he was going and that was that!

   So, I loaded Darren up with medicine and instructions, and prayed like crazy once they left.  They made it to the resort, and Tyler was still struggling a bit….more prayers from Erika and I at home!

   The next morning we heard nothing for the longest time.  Erika and I decided to ‘run away’ while we were here without the boys and we took off to go someplace where we didn’t have to think about cancer for a day.  We were both dying to hear from the boys.  Finally, Darren sent a text that said, “This place is amazing…Tyler is having the time of his life.” 

   Well, to make a long story short, they all golfed 36 holes and came back with nothing but smiles.  No nausea all day, no problems all day.  The only complaints I heard about were from the dads, who I think were exhausted from golfing for 10 hours straight and their bodies didn’t hold up as well as they thought!  Tyler got spoiled beyond belief, and has talked about it constantly since he got home. 

   Thank you, thank you to the Kusudas  and the Baldwins for their extreme generosity!  Tyler will NEVER forget this trip (I don’t think ANY of the boys will) and we are so grateful for the memories made there!  Here are a few pictures from the amazing resort!


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