The Giving Tree Legacy

27 August 2012

These posts are very bittersweet to write for me.  I absolutely LOVE what we are able to do in Tyler, Dylan, Josh, and Brandon’s honor in preparing and delivering these wonderful trees to other cancer victims whose hearts are hurting and afraid – on the other hand, sometimes it feels like salt in a very deep, fresh wound each time I get a tree ready, and even more so to deliver them and meet another warrior. I have had more sadness and anxiety the past few weeks, coupled with happiness and satisfaction for ‘doing the right thing’.  It’s an interesting place to be.

Two weeks ago, the first tree was delivered by Dylan’s sweet family to Cade and Aly Wyatt.  Cade is 25 years old and was diagnosed in February 2011 with an inoperable brain tumor.  Cade and Aly were blessed with their first sweet little baby boy in December 2011.  Cade has had some radiation treatments, with little success, and had recently moved to Mantua with his parents, where they could give him as much care as he was requiring.  Mandy, Chelsea, and Lindsey (Dylan’s mom and aunts), took Cade and Aly a giving tree.  Pictures are worth a thousand words:

You can read about this amazing little family here.  I am so sad to say that sweet Cade returned to the loving arms of his Heavenly Father on Sunday, August 26th.  I’m sure it was a bittersweet moment for their family…I know that feeling.  Watching the suffering is unbearable, but not having them here is just as unbearable.  It really is all about ‘letting go of it all’ and submitting our will to the Father.  I do believe it is a lesson we will all have to learn before we leave this earth – whatever the struggle will be with.  Please pray for Cade’s family to feel the peace that only the Savior can bring them.

Last Thursday we took another tree to a family we learned about a few weeks ago.  The Noble’s are a beautiful family fighting another vicious cancer battle.  Kenny was diagnosed with lung cancer not even two months ago.  He has rapidly declined and his sweet wife and three daughters have kept a vigil by his side, keeping his spirits up and making sure he knows he is loved and cared for.  My heart was so warmed as I met this wonderful family and watched their interactions with each other.  They were so gracious and kind when we intruded on them in the hospital to bring the tree.  I’m not sure I would have been as welcoming as they were!  We heard Kenny was not well enough to come home any time soon, so we decided to bring the tree right to his room!  Please remember Kenny and his family in your prayers as well – they need the blessings of comfort and peace also.  Here are another thousand words:


Getting the tree ready!

The Amazing Noble Family

Thank you to all those who have contributed in so many ways to make these amazing gifts possible – from money, to volunteering at the event, to helping put these trees together.  They are making a difference, and they are bringing hope and smiles into the lives of families who feel much unrest and uncertainty.  We have received many requests for trees, actually from all over the country!  We will be setting up a few guidelines for how the recipients will be chosen.  Watch for these on the website or here for information coming soon.  And thank you for your help in helping others F2TF!



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