Team Tyler

Tyler is your average 14 year old teenage boy. He loves sports, especially football, basketball, and golf. Tyler’s little league football team, the Layton Colts, won the Mini Bowl 2 years in a row. Tyler played running back and was one tough little football player! He also played for North Layton Jr. High’s basketball team and I think it’s safe to say he was the shortest player on the court. But he definitely had the biggest heart.  During the summer, you will most likely find Ty on the golf course. During the winter, you will find him on a snowmobile. He loves being active!

 Ty loves his friends,  and certainly has a lot of them! He has a sunny personality and his love for life radiates off him. Tyler can always put a smile on your face. Ty loves his family. He is the comedy relief! He is always making us laugh out loud at the dinner table.  Even though he likes to joke and tease, Tyler has a heart of gold. He is sensitive to others needs and is very compassionate.    

We always knew Tyler was one in a million. He is special. On May 15th, 2011, Tyler was diagnosed with a rare form of liver cancer that affects only 1 in 1,000,000 children every year.  Tyler has a special mission to complete and we all have a big lesson to learn from him.  We know we are going to be witnessing miracles through this amazing boy’s trial.

We have an amazing support system. It has been incredible, to say the least, to witness all of the love and support that has been shown to our family.  We appreciate all of your thoughts and prayers.  All of us united in prayer and fasting will bring about a miracle. We all want to beat this cancer. We all are behind Tyler 100 % of the time. We all are on the same team….. That is “Team Tyler”.  Our oponent is cancer. Our motto is, “Fight 2 the Finish”.  Together we can beat this. But only if we work together as a team and pray to our Heavenly Father for a miracle. It is going to require a tremendous amount of faith. But our team is strong, and we have the Lord on our side.


Meet Team Tyler!


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Brother in laugh.loves having so many brothers.


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