Straight from Heaven

28 July 2012

Our little packet of 'Spiritual Sunlight'

Sweet baby Hadlee is here!  She is every bit as beautiful as we knew she would be, weighing in at 6 lbs 10 oz.  Erika was such a trooper – I hardly heard a complaint come out of her mouth the whole nine months.  Our whole family has a different perspective on pain and suffering after watching Tyler go through cancer with barely a negative word.  I know it wasn’t easy for Erika the last few weeks – she is about as tiny as the baby!  We were texting each other the morning that Hadlee came into this world, and Erika asked me what I thought the baby was doing right then, knowing she was coming to earth today.  I said I thought maybe Tyler was there telling her what a wonderful family she was going to and how much she was going to love her parents and her big brother.  It was hard for me to think of her having to leave Tyler.  The great news is, I’m sure with his eternal perspective he has now, he knows it will only be a “blink of an eye” until he sees her – and all of us again.  I knew I was going to be pretty emotional the rest of the day.

Erika let me go into the delivery room with her and Brian this time.  Now I KNOW my son-in-law is a gem!  How many would let their mother-in-laws be there for the birth of their children?  He is truly one in a million.   The labor and delivery were just a few hours this time, and little Hadlee came into this world in the most peaceful, beautiful fashion.  I don’t remember my babies being delivered in such a calm, quiet manner.  There was no chaos, no craziness – even when they realized that this baby was coming hours before they expected!

It might be the ‘grandma’ in me speaking, but the minute that sweet baby was born, the room was filled with the most complete love – that’s the only way I can describe it.  I know we all felt Tyler’s love for us and his niece.  It was an incredible feeling that words can’t describe. If only babies could talk!  I would love to know what she knows and have her tell us where she came from and how Tyler is!

We are so grateful to have sweet Hadlee here with us – she will fill empty arms and help to fill a hole in our hearts.  The aching for Tyler has not softened with time, but to hear Caleb, when Darren asks, “Who’s your buddy?”, yell with all his might, “Grandpa!” brings a smile to all of us.  To hear that sweet baby girl squirm and yes, even to cry, reminds us all that babies are a gift from God.  Life is still good, and families are forever.  How eternally grateful I am to have mine!

Bragging Time! I know - cutest baby ever!

Best big brother!





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