Scan results

11 September 2011

   Tyler had his third scan on Thursday, September 1st.  Instead of waiting there in the hospital to find out the results, we decided to high-tail it home and head up to Island Park for the Labor Day weekend and find out the results when we got home.  If you read the last post, you can see that it was a great decision for us.  We had a great time and honestly, didn’t even worry about what the scan might show.

   Dr. Barnette (Tyler’s oncologist) called on Tuesday morning and let us know that the scans were virtually exactly the same as the scan the first of July.  The tumors had not shrunk, but they had not grown or spread either.  While we would have loved hearing that the tumors had disappeared, hearing that they had not grown or spread was good news to us.  The recommendation of the doctor was that we discontinue chemotherapy and scan again in late November.  He will keep taking the Sorafenib, a pill shown to stop the progression of liver cancer, twice a day. 

   We will now work to strengthen Tyler’s immune system and get him back into ‘fighting shape’ again.  He feels quite well and is ready for some hair again!  He is growing little fuzz on his head now and his eyebrows and eyelashes, which stayed in until the last week of the last round, are now starting to grow little fuzzy patches again.  He is happy about this!  He had the most beautiful, long eyelashes and we were a little sad to see them stay so long through the therapy, only to fall out after almost four months!

   Thank you so much for your continued prayers for Tyler!  We know that ‘stable disease’, which is what they call the stage he is in now, is better than to have it spreading…his scans have really not changed since the night of his diagnosis.  Who knows how long the cancer was in this exact state before it was discovered?  If only there were a crystal ball to tell us the future…but since there is not, we will once again, rely on hope and faith.  We feel hope for great things to come!

   Okay, quote time.  I told a friend this week I’m starting to sound like Stuart Smalley from SNL back in the eighties.  I have quotes all over the house and I read them all the time…”I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and dog- gonnit, people like me!” … If you don’t get it, you’re too young! (or you did more important things with your life than watch SNL)

   A dear friend from Reno sent me this quote this past week on having strength to face whatever comes our way:

“Anyone can give up.  It’s the easiest thing in the world to do.  But to hold it together when everyone else would understand if you fell apart…that’s true strength.”     ~Zig Ziglar

  I truly don’t know of anyone with more strength than Tyler.  I am constantly in awe of his physical, mental, and spiritual strength.   We all have challenges, in one form or another.  We don’t have to look too far to see someone who has it harder than we do.  The key is to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and keep going forward, trying to find out what it is we’re supposed to learn from it, then truly learn from it, and keep forging on.  It’s all about the journey….

This is what hope looks like….


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