Paying it Forward!

2 July 2011

I just thought I’d post an update on Tyler’s progress and the schedule for the next week. Tyler is feeling pretty well, considering his ANC (Absolute Neutrophil Count) is 0.1. This number means that his ability to fight infection is pretty much non-existent. We have to keep him in a safe, germ-free (well, as germ-free as possible) environment. He hates this week because he can’t hang out with friends. It’s no fun to hang out with your parents when you’re fourteen. I’m not too old to remember that! He is a pretty good sport, though, playing games here, going on lots of rides in the car, and lighting fireworks with just Darren and I in the yard. (Sorry neighbors!) Hopefully by Wednesday or Thursday he’ll be back up in the normal range and can see his friends again.
Tyler’s scan is set for Thursday at 10:00 a.m. He has not had one since his initial diagnosis, so this will tell us if and how the cancer is responding to the chemotherapy. We feel very hopeful about the results and are looking forward to having some answers on Thursday afternoon. We ask for your continued prayers, and for your fast tomorrow on Tyler’s behalf. We thank you so much for your prayers in his behalf so far! We know Heavenly Father is very aware of Tyler and our family, and we also know He hears and answers the prayers of His children. We are constantly in awe of the goodness and kindness of people we both know, and don’t know at all. We have a ‘prayer map’ in our family room to remind us how many people are praying for him. It is filled with yellow and green (temples and cities) dots and they are all over the map! It is hard to be discouraged when you look at the map and know that prayers are being uttered for Tyler all over the world!
We had fun ‘paying it forward’ today. Sweet Dylan Shaw and his family had given Tyler a tree filled with cash and gift cards to restaurants. (Those with cancer know what a blessing that is! To feed someone who has such a hard time finding something that tastes good is not easy!) This thoughtful gift has made Tyler smile over and over. Every time he is hungry, he looks through the cards and decides where to eat! We decided to replenish the tree with cards and cash and ‘pay it forward’ to a wonderful boy in Syracuse who is battling a rare cancer as well. Tyler and I drove all over yesterday and he chose restaurants that sounded good to him. What a great way to forget your own troubles for a while! I loved spending that time with him-driving, parking and running into restaurants. Today we spent the morning tying bills and cards to the tree. This afternoon, we drove out to his house and gave it to sweet Brandon. We hope this tree will make its rounds around the Northern Utah Area and brighten others’ days like it has ours! Thank you Dylan for such a selfless gift! There are wonderful families everywhere fighting the same battles we are and we are grateful for such amazing examples of faith and strength! Please keep Brandon and Dylan and their families in your prayers as well!

Dylan and Tyler

Brandon and Tyler


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