Not just another Sunday!

5 July 2011

Thank you again to those of you who are fasting and praying on our family’s behalf.  The Lord is aware of each of us and He hears your prayers.  I want to share what happened to our family Sunday evening, not to trivialize an amazing spiritual experience, but to share with you how your selfless prayers and purposeful fasting is blessing our family.

I got a phone call on my cell phone late Sunday afternoon from a number I didn’t recognize.  When I answered, he asked if this was Sister Smith.  This isn’t so unusual because with my church calling, I get called “Sister Smith” quite often.  When I answered that it was me, he said, “This is Hal Eyring.  I am the first counselor in the First Presidency…”  I think I may have interrupted him to tell him that he didn’t need to explain who he was…I already knew!  He laughed and asked how Tyler was doing.  We spoke for a few minutes, then he asked if he could come visit Tyler. 

President Eyring, his beautiful wife, and daughter and son-in-law came to our home on Sunday evening to visit with Tyler and our family.  I am still so touched that he would take the time to visit our family when I know his time with his own family is so limited and precious to him.  While he was here, he made us feel like it was his privilege to be with us, instead of the reverse.  That is how full of love and compassion he and his family are.  They genuinely were concerned and showed so much love to our family.  President Eyring and my dad were President and Vice-President of Ricks College in the 70s so it was fun to hear him and my dad reminisce about old times.  He sat next to Tyler and talked to him like a grandfather would talk with his grandson.  It was amazing.

We were privileged to have him give Tyler a beautiful blessing.  Darren, Brian, my dad, and President Eyring’s son-in-law Jacob all were able to stand in the circle.  What an incredible spirit there was in our house!  Words cannot express what a beautiful experience we were able to have.

As they were getting ready to leave, I asked if it was okay to take a picture with him and Tyler.  He pulled his camera out of his pocket and asked for a picture as well!  He told us that every evening, he writes an entry and sends it to each of his children, all over the country about his experiences of that day.  He looked Tyler in the eye and told him that Tyler was his gift for that day.  How amazing is that?

I know that this experience was a tender mercy from our Heavenly Father, as a direct result of the fasting and prayers of our loved ones.   What a comfort his blessing will be to our family in the weeks to come, when we have answers we need and another round of chemo to get through.

Thank you so much for your continued prayers!  Please never forget that they are being heard!


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