Labor Day weekend fun!

6 September 2011

We spent Labor Day weekend up in Island Park this year! We don’t normally go up to the cabin during Labor Day because of little league football. But… since nobody is coaching or playing this year, we decided to pack our bags and head North! And let me tell you, it was one of the funnest weekends we have had in a long time! Here’s the proof:

Taking the rhino for a spin!

We had the privilege of competing in the annual Erikson “Labor Day Cup”. This was our team photo. And this…….

was Tyler’s outfit of choice for the  tournament…. He is so funny!

The Labor Day Cup consisted of multiple “Minute to Win it”  type of games, a volleyball tournament, and an egg toss. Tyler told us that if we lost any of the challenges we were officially kicked off the team and uninvited to Disney World. It was pretty intense!

cute Jace 🙂

And the egg toss….. Look at Tyler threatening Erika about dropping it! 

Several people commented about how suprised they were that Tyler had so much energy and they would never know Ty was sick. It’s true…. Ty is still the loudest and most energetic kid despite his health issues. It was good for everyone to see how normal and active he is! Tyler was able to do just about anything he wanted at the cabin- he rode 4 wheelers, wave runners, went boating, and played just as hard or harder than the rest of us!

We hope everyone had a wonderful and happy holiday weekend!


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