It’s ‘Time’!

2 August 2012

‘Time’ is quickly moving and it’s almost ‘time’ for our 1st annual ‘F2TF’ Benefit Night!  Tuesday, August 7th is our big night and I think if you’re not there, you’re going to miss something amazing! 🙂 If you’re still thinking you can make it but have not purchased tickets, you can get on and go to the F2TF event, click on ‘donations’ and any amount in $15 increments will automatically put tickets in will call for you at the amphitheater ticket table.  Remember, it is ‘festival seating’, which means ‘first come – first served’.  There are 500 seats in the amphitheater and room on the grass for 1000.  You may want to bring a lawn chair and a blanket, just in case.  We have pre-sold over 500 tickets, so plan on a crowd!

I am excited, nervous, stressed, and extremely emotional about this Tuesday.  A big part of me wonders what in the world I was thinking by trying to do this so soon after Tyler’s death.  After he left us, I felt like the only way I could cope was to stay busy and to keep my mind occupied with other things.  As a little ‘time’ has gone by, I wonder if what I need is ‘time’ to just stay home, not have any commitments or responsibilities and face grief head on.  Becky Anderson, my sweet friend and hero, said something to me last night that made so much sense to me.  She said some of us like our peanut butter thick and heavy on a spoon with some bread, others like it spread thin over their slice – either way it’s the same amount of peanut butter, just served a different way. I’m trying to decide which way I want my ‘peanut butter’, because either way it’s the same amount of hurt.  I’m just learning which way is the best way for me to deal with it.  I think some ‘time’ here to go through his things, maybe make memory books of Tyler, remember all the good ‘times’, not just the cancer, and just ‘being’ for a bit may be a way to deal.  I don’t know – this is all new territory for of us.

But, in the mean ‘time’, we will go forward with this amazing night!  We have amazing performers, special tributes, and a touching way to finish out the night, so come ready to enjoy great entertainment and honor those who fought a brave battle!  I hope it will bring healing to all who are fighting battles, whether it be with health or whatever lives throws at us. It is said that ‘time’ heals all wounds.  That one is hard for me to believe, but I suppose that the only way to prove that true is to move forward with faith and make Tyler proud of us!  I believe Tuesday night is a pretty good way to start!

“Time is a healing place, one in which you can grow” – Denise Tanner





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