Happy Birthday Tyler!

14 October 2014

In a few hours, it will be Tyler’s 18th birthday – even as I type those words, I cannot believe that he would be turning 18 if he were here.  It’s so hard to believe that he would be in his senior year, driving, dating, even preparing for a mission.  As time manages to still move forward, I will say that I am getting much better at dealing with the hole in my heart, and can look back at most memories of Tyler and smile rather than cry.  It still is hard for me to see his friends at times doing things I would have loved to see him do – but it IS getting easier to realize that he doesn’t care a bit about those things now and that time will continue to pass no matter what we do.  We can ride it out with bitterness or pain, or choose to move on and do our best with the blessings we have been given.  We are trying to do the latter.

So…for Tyler’s birthday this year, I thought I’d share some pictures and the video of the amazing 5k we held earlier this summer.  Our theme this year, along with F2TF, which will always be what the 5K is about, was ‘Hope’.  I cannot think of a word that means more to me than hope.  When Ty was here, I always had hope for the miracle of his cure, for a good day, for less suffering.  With Tyler’s passing, my hope has changed courses a little, but I want all to know, I still am filled with hope – just a different kind.  I have hope for the future of my family – I have hope of where I want us to be when this life is over, and I have hope for all those I love to be able to face the challenges they are facing with the same.  Tyler’s home nurse brought me a small wooden sign early in his treatment that read, “Hope – the best medicine.” I referred to it often, and I actually still keep it up on my shelf to remind me always.  Hope is still the best medicine to sooth the aching soul, whatever the trial may be.  I am truly grateful for my own personal ‘hope’.

We had over 1600 sign up for the 5K, and it was again, a glorious sight to see the teams walking in early that morning, colorful t-shirts honoring those loved ones who have fought, or who are now fighting in battles.   The weather could not have been more perfect, the venue again was great (albeit there were a few trucks, tractors, and holes that we didn’t know about until that morning!), and things seemed to fall into perfect place, thanks to a wonderful committee.  Becky, as usual, delivered a most powerful message to all about hope and looking to our ‘armies’ to help us fight the good fight.  I think everyone felt better after being there.  We were able to raise enough money to fund Giving Trees for another year and for that I am so grateful!  For those of you who have already submitted requests for trees, thank you!  We are grateful there is a way, because of you, to try and bring a bright spot and small bit of hope to someone else who is suffering.

Here are two videos that were graciously taken and donated to the cause – thank you Landon Weeks and Ambit Films for once again, helping preserve the memories of that day and capturing the inspiring feeling we all had there.

Click here for Landon’s amazing video.

Click here for Ambit Films’ awesome video.

The Balloon Launch!

Sweet Maddie and Sue - I love them!

Team Hedlund Rocks - Some of my favorite heroes!

...and the masses begin! Such an awesome sight!

Happy Birthday Tyler!  I wish you were here to celebrate, but somehow I think you’re here with us always.  Thank you for teaching us about hope – the kind of hope that will encompass all joys and sorrows.  We love you and cannot wait to see you again!


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