Debits and Credits

21 July 2012

My dad is an accountant.  My two brothers are both accountants.  My two older brother-in-laws are accountants.  I worked through high school and college keeping the books for two businesses, Flamm Furniture and Keith’s, The Man’s Shop/The Classic Shoppe in Rexburg (there’s a blast from the past all of you ‘Madisonian’s’).  I declared Accounting as my major while I was attending Ricks College – you see the pattern here anyway, right?  In fact, Darren was the first non- ‘bean counter’ to enter our family.  That, along with him having a beard while we were dating :), (and maybe the fact that I was only eighteen when we got married), maybe helped him to feel a little like the ‘black sheep’.  Good thing he is such a great guy and won hearts over anyway!

I loved accounting – loved learning about debits and credits and how everything must balance, or you’ll never know truly how much you’re off.  I enjoyed working with my dad and having him teach me all about a general ledger and how to keep things in balance.  I do have to say, it’s much more fun to do it when it’s someone else’s money – not near as much fun to try and balance my own!

I have thought a lot this past year about my personal debits and credits and how they relate to service.  I think before this past year I only could ask for a favor or be deserving of a ‘debit’, if I had sufficiently ‘credited’ my account and it was even or had a credit balance.  I tried to make things ‘balance’ by doing something nice for someone else before I ever asked anything in return.  In fact, I was uncomfortable if too much was done for me and my ‘account’ was out of balance and my debits were higher than my credits.  I would not let anyone help me if I didn’t feel like I had helped them first and things were ‘balanced’.  I always needed to be in ‘credit’ status to feel validated.

Well, my books have been knocked way out of balance the past year.  My debits are so stacked up – I have been served constantly without any credits in my account at all.  When I look at my ‘General Ledger’, all I see from the past year are entries to my debit side, over and over in the form of meals, letters, yardwork, fundraisers, etc.  There have been very few credit entries.  I  am very uncomfortable with that.  As all accountants know, being out of balance can keep one up all night trying to figure out where the mistake is.  In my case, it’s no different.  It’s 4:00 a.m. right now and I have been up all night thinking about the outpouring of love, service, and overwhelming ‘debits’ that have been entered in my books.

I suppose I just want to say in this post that I am learning that our ‘accounts’ may have to be ‘out of balance’ at some point in our lives.  Maybe that’s how the Lord planned it.  Sometimes part of the trial is learning to be that way and letting others add their entries to our ‘books’.  If we refuse to be served, we can’t be in balance either.  It’s been a painful part of my lesson as well, but one I am learning.  Thank you to so many for your entries into our ‘chart of accounts’.  I will spend the rest of my life trying to make debits in others’ accounts trying to help mine come back into balance.

I would like this fundraiser in Tyler’s name for the ‘Giving Trees’ to be a beginning of our family’s debits.  Once again, I’ve had to ask for your help in making this incredible event a reality.  Thank you to so many who came out and who have expressed their desire to help with this night.  So many giving hearts, it’s overwhelming!  I do believe what we can do to help other hurting hearts will help credit all of our accounts and be a step in the right direction to balancing in our lives.

Spread the word and come share this incredible evening with us!



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