Bloom Where You’re Planted

31 October 2011

   I haven’t posted any pictures or anything about our amazing trip to Disneyworld because I am waiting for a disc to come from Disneyworld that has a bunch of photos taken of the whole family.  I will post that as soon as the disc comes.  In the meantime, we had an experience this weekend that I wanted to share… 

   Darren’s best friend from high school is a bishop in a Kaysville ward.  He called while we were in Florida and asked if Tyler would be willing to speak to the youth in his ward on Sunday.  Now, if you’re the parent of a 14-yr-old boy, you know what the typical reaction would be, and let me assure you, Tyler is a typical 14-yr-old.  I watched him for days wrestle with his fear and dislike of speaking, and the reality of doing what he knew the Lord wanted him to do.  I felt so bad for putting him in this position, yet knew this is part of the growing and refining process of life.  So finally Sunday came and I could feel his anxiety from the minute he woke up.  We headed to Kaysville and got to the church.  He was not feeling well, and I could tell his emotions were pretty close to the surface.  Stacey, our dear friend, and the bishop had us go into his office to say and prayer to calm all of us.  It was then that he asked if Darren wanted to go first or last on the program.  “What?”  Darren had carefully omitted that part of the program to me.  I had no idea he was speaking too.  Darren doesn’t talk about this much to anyone, let alone to a whole congregation of people.  My emotions boiled over now and so had Tyler’s. 

    When the program started, we weren’t sure if Tyler was still going to be able to go through with it, so Darren spoke first and gave a beautiful talk about having hope in Christ.  It was extremely emotional for me to hear him talk about our ordeal and his faith in Jesus Christ.  Then, before we knew it, Tyler went up the stairs and began his talk.  He was emotional through it, but was able to get through it and did an amazing job.  I knew it was probably one of the hardest things he has done through this journey…not only reliving what he has gone through, but speaking to a chapel full of teenage kids.   

    I am so proud that he has chosen to put some of his fears aside and do what the Lord has put in his path to accomplish.  If he could have touched one teenager yesterday and helped them to put their faith in the Savior, it was all worth it.  He is truly learning to ‘bloom where he is planted’ – to make the best of a situation that doesn’t feel ideal to any of us. 

    To preface this poem, I have to tell you that I have an amazing family – and a large one at that!  I have been blessed with ‘goodly parents’ and amazing brothers and sisters, in-laws, nieces and nephews, and everyone else in between!  I have these nieces and nephews who, although they are 20-30 years younger than me, have these valiant, wise spirits that are so far above me, it’s incredible.  My sweet niece Kiera shared this beautiful poem she wrote and I knew it completely described Tyler and the way he has been able to ‘bloom where he has been planted’.   

The Sunflower

Said the seed to the gardener, “Must you plant me right here?
The soil is rough and the grass is too near.
Over yonder the lily has got a nice spot,
Where the water is fresh and the sun not too hot.
Or plant me – oh please! – in the willow’s nice shade
Where the daffodils are in such beauty displayed;
Not here where the ground is so barren and wild.
Put me in someplace more tranquil and mild!”

But the gardener was wise, for he knew the whole plan.
Said the seed, “I can’t grow here!” He said, “Yes, you can.
Each flower in my garden I watch, and I know
That here in this spot is your best place to grow.
The ground might be harder, the sun more severe,
But you, if you choose, can bloom beautifully here.
Be patient and trusting and soon you will see
How lovely this corner of garden will be.”

The days passed by slowly, filled with hard work and toil,
Pushing up to the sky and down into the soil.
Through the heat from the sun and the floods from the rain,
Seed and gardener both strove for more fertile terrain.
‘Til one day the gardener approached with a smile;
“Look up,” he said, “and around you awhile.”

The seed turned with ease, surprised at his power,
And saw that he’d grown to a glorious sunflower!
His place in the corner was a sight to behold –
Towers of green with their crowns of bright gold.
Now he could see the whole garden complete,
From the willow o’erhead to the grass at his feet,
And he learned from the soil he’d taken for granted
To trust in the Gardener, and bloom where you’re planted.

~Kiera Bennion, July 2010

  Amazing, talented family I have, huh?  I love you, Kiera – thanks for lifting my spirits with this poem.  I hope it brings joy to all who read it and choose to do the same with their lives.  Thanks to all who continue to pray for a miracle for Tyler.  We see miracles everyday…

Sunday in Florida!


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