Beautiful Tribute to an Amazing Boy…

1 June 2012

Tyler’s funeral was held Friday morning, May 25th.  We were so overwhelmed with the support of our friends, family, and whole community.  As we left the house Friday morning, both sides of the streets were lined with balloons – all the way to the church.  What an emotional sight for us.  We heard later than many, many volunteers got up at 6:00 a.m. to put these out.  We are so humbled with the love that has been shown to our family…no words can express this.

Once we arrived and hurried to have a few minutes with Tyler alone before the line began to form, I had the distinct impression from Tyler – “Hurry Mom, I need to go.”  I don’t think I was mistaken in what I felt…it came very clear to me.  I felt in a bit of a rush the entire viewing before the funeral – like Tyler was in a hurry.  Now, those of you who know Tyler know that he was in a hurry from the time he opened his eyes in the morning to the time he fell asleep at night.  The boy never stopped…

The family prayer was beautiful and very emotional.  Hard to know that we will not see his beautiful face until we meet again in the next life.  I dreaded that moment the entire week before the funeral.  It was as hard as I anticipated it would be…Following Tyler into the church was a very overwhelming feeling – so much grief in my heart, but I could literally feel the love and support of an entire building full of people who have loved and prayed for our family for the past twelve months.  I immediately felt buoyed up with all the heartfelt prayers for us…thank you.

Tyler had pretty much planned his whole funeral.  He had asked the three speakers who spoke and wanted my brother and his family to sing.  The song that was sung at the end of the funeral is Tyler’s favorite church song.  He told me earlier in the week that it would never work – that the teenagers would never sing and the room would be silent – well, thanks for proving him wrong this time!  I have never felt such a powerful spirit as when the entire congregation began to sing that song.  Make no mistake that what you felt in the room was the spirit manifesting that what was said in that funeral was true.  Kyler, Becky, and Bishop Dutton all delivered exactly the message that Tyler wanted to have delivered…it was his, as well as our intent to have this funeral be one of healing – making sure that all realized that Tyler completed the mission he came to earth to fulfill.  I hope everyone left with the same conviction that our family did – Tyler truly ‘Fought to the Finish” and it was his appointed time to return to his Heavenly Father.  As hard as this is for us to face because we love him and will miss him, we know that this is true.

Once we stepped outside and before we left for the cemetary, everyone was handed a green balloon and we had a balloon launch for Tyler.  The sky was completely overcast until the balloons were released.  As soon as they started heavenward, the sky parted and the sun came out just long enough to scoop the balloons into heaven.  I asked Tyler before he left us to send me a sign and let me know he was okay…thanks Ty…I love you!

After the graveside dedication, the funeral director brought our family back to the church to our car.  He asked me if he could share  something with me.  He told me he had the distinct impression at the funeral that Tyler had already received his assignment and was ready to go to work.  I believe this is why I had my impression at the beginning of the morning that Tyler was in a hurry.  Tyler, like his usual self, is in a hurry to go to work.  Some things will never change.

As far as I was concerned, it was a beautiful day and everything I think Tyler would have wanted it to be.  Our family will miss him with every ounce of our being and will spend the rest of this life trying to figure out how to keep going without him, but we will keep going.  We know he is there making sure we all get there together when the time comes.  I can’t wait to find out what he has been doing, and I hope I can live my life so that we can all be together forever someday.

Thank you to all those who have given our family strength and hope the past twelve months.  My biggest fear is that Tyler’s life will be forgotten.  Please remember him always and live your life the way he would want you to – F2TF Forever!

Getting ready to send them off!

Look at the clouds parting!!!

We were so touched by all who came to the cemetary - thank you!



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