18 November 2011

   We have been able to have some amazing experiences through the trial we are going through.  I wouldn’t choose to have this, not for one minute, but am SO grateful for people and organizations who have given so much so that our family and so many others can get out and enjoy activities that they otherwise would never have the opportunity to be involved in!  The Make-A-Wish Foundation has been one such example.  Not only did they give our family a complete trip of a lifetime, but they call us occasionally with opportunities that have been so fun!

   Last week, they called and asked if Tyler, Tanner, Darren and I would be interested in going to a charity basketball game at SLCC with the Jazz Players, Jimmer Fredette, and some other various NBA players.  Hmmmm…Let me think about it…Tyler loves basketball more than just about anything…that would be a ‘Yes!’.   We, along with three other ‘Wish Kids’ were able to go early to a ‘meet and greet’ session with the basketball players and a few other ‘local celebrities’.  Tyler LOVES Jimmer Fredette, and if he had been the only one there, it would have been totally worth it, but he was able to meet, shake hands with, and get pictures with all these amazing basketball players.  I have to put my plug in for Jimmer now…just saying.  He has been so kind already through this cancer journey to send Tyler a signed ball, a card, and even go so far as to wear Tyler’s F2TF shirt and take a picture with it on, so we are huge fans!  He spent a good amount of time just talking to Tyler and Tanner, posing for pictures, and just being the all-around great guy he his…really a class-act.   

Tyler & Jimmer!

Mrs. Utah, Miss Utah, and Miss Utah's Teen! - Wow!

 After the meet and greet, we had great half-court seats and were able to watch the game – Utah against ‘everybody else’.  Amazing talent these boys have…they can dunk, shoot, dribble and do just about anything they want with a basketball.  So, so sad that they cannot work out the season this year.  Tyler was really looking forward to watching Jimmer take the Kings places they hadn’t gone before! 

   My favorite part of the night was just watching Ty and Tanner’s faces each time a player would do something outrageous…their eyes got big and smiles covered their faces.  No thoughts of cancer or sickness anywhere that night.  I kept nudging the photographer to get a picture of Tyler’s face, not with a basketball star, but just watching with that big smile on his face.  That’s priceless. 

I love these faces!

   Each of these kids has had something pretty devastating to face this last year.  Each of them seems to be rising above the challenge and finding the good in life, despite the hard.  We all would do well to watch and take note of these amazing kids and how they have handled the challenges they have faced.  They are all my heroes.

Tyler, Kambri, Caleb, and Brody - our heroes!

Happy Kids! Thanks Guys!


Thanks once again, Make A Wish, for helping us to forget life for awhile and enjoy a great night!


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