Another beautiful weekend

6 June 2011

We enjoyed another great weekend as a family. We sure miss having Taylor around but know that he is where he is supposed to be. We love you Tay!

The weather was fantastic this weekend so we tried to spend as much time as we could outside! We indulged in a little basketball and miniature golf. Ty was very opposed to me taking pictures of him…. With his hair falling out in patches, he claims he looks like one of those stray dogs you see in South America. He is a goof! With his ANC counts being so low, we can’t shave it with a razor yet because the risk of infection is too high. So it is just falling out on it’s own accord! He is looking more and more like his dad everyday!

We are so glad that Ty was able to get out and do some fun things this weekend! It is no fun being locked up in the house! His ANC levels are slowly starting to rise again so hopefully he will be able to be with friends soon! Second round of chemo starts in 10 days…. We hope to have many enjoyable and sunny days in the mean time. Team Tyler is still cheering loud and strong! We love you Ty! Keep fighting!!!!


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