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How to register for the F2TF 5K

I can’t believe it’s almost August! Which means the F2TF 5K is just around the corner! 18 days to be exact….. I am going to walk through the registration process for those who may need some help.

1. Go to (Sorry these pictures were taken from my phone….)

2. Click on that big F2TF link on the right hand side 🙂

3. This brings you to the F2TF 5K home page. Scroll down the page a bit and click on “Register Now”.

4. Fill our your information as listed. If you wish to run with a team, you can choose from a list of teams that have already been organized. If you wish to start a new team, enter your team name and remember that if you have 25 people or more with your team, you get custom F2TF shirts!

5. Checkout and finish by paying a registration fee of $25.00.

Pretty easy right?

Please come on August 17th and help us spread hope to those who are going through difficult times. All of the money goes towards the “Giving Tree Foundation”. I promise it will be an inspirational day for all who attend!

See you there!




Service Brings Blessings

I think we’ve all been taught that we should serve others in this life.  I know my parents did a pretty great job with that, just teaching by example.  Memories of my childhood are full of my mother taking meals to the sick and afflicted and my father fixing or building constantly for someone who needed his services.  I cannot say I didn’t know better, but as years went on, with life rolling by unchallenged, I forgot how important this was.  I tried to help out when I could, and I always felt better when I did, but I didn’t see it as being essential.  Not until our own challenge, with Ty’s diagnosis, did I really see what the concept of service really meant.  From the minute the word got out, we were ministered to constantly.  There were meals, notes of encouragement, lawns mowed, anything anyone could do to help, it was done before I even realized it was a need!  I’m not sure how all of you countless angels felt, but I would venture a guess that you felt great knowing the load you lightened at our house.

It’s also another gift to learn how to accept service.  I struggled at this, and my pride wanted to just say, “No thanks, we can do this ourselves…” It was incredibly hard for me to admit I just couldn’t do it anymore.  Plus, shame on me, but I kept feeling like I didn’t want to ‘owe anyone’, because I knew that with the battle we were facing, there was no way I could ever repay all that was being done for us, both in secret and in the open.  I finally realized it’s not always just about me…like I’ve said often, I have MUCH to learn!  I found this awesome quote about service, comparing it to the debt I always felt like it was – learning that the debt is much different than I was seeing it as:

“Service is the rent we pay for our own room on earth.” We should know that the rent is due on a daily basis and know that the receipt is never stamped “paid in full,” because the rent, service in God’s kingdom, is again due today and due tomorrow.”

It isn’t a matter of “paying back the service that has been shown to us”.  It’s about serving always, because that’s what we’re expected to do.  How grateful I am for you all for teaching me another important lesson.

I still have a long way to go before I can join the ranks of so many who literally wake up each morning and begin their day fulfilling others’ needs, but I am grateful for the vehicle of service that has come because of Tyler’s illness and lessons here – The Giving Tree.

I’ve outlined a few times before how the trees began, but I haven’t spoken much about them lately.  We just delivered our 35th Giving Tree this past week.  What an incredible experience these have been for not only my family and me, but those who have also been involved in the preparation and presentation of a tree.  In the next post, I will share one of so many incredible experiences we have had when we deliver a tree.  The small amount of work it is to get a tree together is completely erased in the joy we receive presenting to someone who is fighting for their earthly life.

So…it is time to begin replenishing the bucket that you all so generously filled at last year’s 1st Annual F2TF Giving Tree Event.  We are excited to change things up a bit this year and begin with a 5K on August 17th at 7:00 a.m.  It will be held at the Bell Tower at Weber State and promises to be another awesome experience!  Online registration will open later next week.  We had some ideas this year on how to continue to inspire and help those with Tyler’s battle cry, ‘F2TF’.  For this first annual 5K, families and friends of one who is fighting cancer, or any other challenge, can register together and we will get them their own color-specific shirt, with F2TF on the top, and ‘Team —-“ (insert their name there), so they can honor their specific fighter.  If you don’t have a team of 25, you will get a lime green ‘Team Tyler” shirt (which is still pretty awesome!).  My vision is seeing a sea of different colors running in honor, or in memory of their loved ones.  Remember how inspirational it was last year when Maddie released a balloon for each of the Giving Tree kids?  This year, we plan to have the balloon launch involve each team that is running for someone too!!!  So cool…I am hoping to be as big as Race for the Cure someday!!!!! Think big, right?!?!?!  IT COULD HAPPEN! J

More information is on the Anything For a Friend website ( or you can always email me with any questions (  If you would like to help, please send me an email and let me know…we always have needs!

Thank you for always being so willing to help the cause.  And thank you for helping to teach me to always ‘pay my rent’…

I know I've put this photo in before, but this is the reason we do this...these kids will always be my heroes!